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Marina Abramović

£ 150 per frame

112 tez per frame

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1. Reserve your frames

Select your desired amount of frames from the dropdown, then click the reserve frames button to activate a 10 minute checkout window. Selecting a single frame, will create a static JPEG NFT; selecting multiple frames will create a moving GIF. Your reservation will apply to the first available frames in the sequence.

2. Add to cart

Click the add to cart button to start the checkout process.

3. Go to checkout

You'll need a Tezos wallet to complete your purchase. If you don't have a Tezos wallet yet, you can set one up with a social account using Kukai. You can then pay with credit card or tez. Credit card payments are processed via Wert, which requires you to set up a Wert account with your mobile number during checkout. You can read more about Kukai and Wert in the payments sections below.

4. Mint

Once your payment is processed, your NFT will be minted to the Tezos blockchain. You'll be able to to view it on your account page here and in your wallet once the transaction has been processed, usually within hours, although most are delivered more quickly.


To have the best experience while purchasing your NFT we recommend you to use the latest version of Google Chrome. If you're using a different browser, you may experience issues with the payment process.

Still have questions? Check the FAQ or email nft@circa.art.

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